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Cement burning free static press brick machine



Cement no-burning static press brick machine is a special electromechanical hydraulic forming machine controlled by programmable controller, randomly equipped with a special mold, the production of self-insulation integrated energy-saving bricks, while only need to replace the mold can also be pressed into a variety of shapes and sizes of cement (fly ash) bricks. High production efficiency, low labor intensity, can be made of steel slag and fly ash and other solid industrial waste slag into high-strength new energy-saving building materials.

Main structure:

The machine is mainly composed of forming machine, plate feeding machine, hydraulic system, electrical system, brick connecting machine, palletizing manipulator and so on. The main components of the host are: door frame, upper die assembly, die core and core plate assembly (or No. 2 plate), No. 3 plate, lower die and rod assembly, forming die cavity, hook assembly and buffer.

The main components of the feeder are the feeder frame, the feeder frame, the drawing plate, the guide rail and the silo. The brick splicing machine adopts starting block, its principle is simple and reliable, the operation is convenient, its performance is reliable and the control is accurate. The hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic station, pipeline and cylinder, which has reliable performance and accurate control. The hydraulic station is composed of oil tank, motor high pressure pump group, integrated valve block group, cooler and oil inlet and return filter. At the same time, the oil tank is provided with oil temperature and level meter and filter element alarm clogging device. When the filter element is blocked, the alarm device notifies to replace the filter element.

The electric system can use Mitsubishi FX2N series PLC programmable controller, Siemens contactor, and Omron relay, with automatic operation and automatic fault diagnosis function, and use safety logic control to effectively avoid misoperation, ensure efficient and accurate machine action, but also ensure the personal safety of the operator.

Basic parameters:

1, nominal pressure: 4200KN

2. Rated working pressure of hydraulic system: 25MPA

3, oil pump motor: Y200L-4(30KW)

4. Oil pump: 160YCY14-1B

5, molding cycle: 14-20 seconds/mold

6, production capacity: 42 pieces/mold (folding brick)

7. Total weight of the machine: 12.5T

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