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SMY8-150 water machine color tile machine


SMY8-150 color cement tile machine

1. Product introduction

The machine adopts PLC automatic control, full hydraulic pneumatic molding, reliable performance, fast molding speed, high yield, up to 8 pieces per minute, high cost performance.

Using mortar concrete by press filter molding, the product structure is beautiful and generous, high density, accurate size, can meet the needs of all kinds of buildings.

A multi-purpose machine, by replacing the mold can produce all kinds of main tile,

ridge tile, cornice tile, flat tile, gutter tile and other products.

2. Technical parameters

(1) Product specifications: 424×327mm

(2) Molding pressure: 1200kN

(3) Molding speed: 8 pieces/min

(4), class output: 3500 pieces (8 hours/class)

(5), host power: 13.75kW

(6) Working voltage: 380V

(7) Forming method: press filter forming

(8) Mold life: 800,000-900,000 times

(9), the host appearance size: 3100×1600×2600mm

(10), the whole weight: 5000kg

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