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HF vertical extrusion pipe making machine


HF vertical pipe squeezing machine

1. Product introduction

Vertical pipe extruding and pressing machine is a equipment for producing cement pie. The reasonable design of the machine makes the operation more reliable, the operation more convenient, and meets the relevant standards. The machine uses river sand, stone, stone chips or fly ash, slag and other mixed with appropriate amount of cement can produce 150-800mm inner diameter of multi-specification pipe or pipe. The pipe produced by this machine has the advantages of uniform wall thickness, smooth inner and outer walls, good impermeability, high compressive strength, low cost, solid and reliable joint, convenient construction, high production efficiency, and fast release maintenance, etc. The pipe produced by this machine is widely used in farmland drainage and irrigation, urban water supply and drainage projects.

2、Technical parameter:

(1)、Mold specification(Inside diameter(mm)):φ200、   φ300、   φ400、   φ500、φ600、   φ700、   φ800

(2)、Wall thickness(mm):φ200   30mm、φ300   30mm、φ400   40mm、φ500   50mm、φ600   60mm、φ700   70mm、φ800   80mm

                    Note: Special molds can be made separately

(3), the whole machine power: 11.75kw

(4) Spindle speed: 45r/min

(5), reducer speed ratio: 1:5.8

(6), molding cycle: 5-10min (according to the diameter of the pipe)

(7), class output: 30-100 knots /8h

(8) Appearance size: 1840×1700×4000mm

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