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QTJ4-35B2 cement brick machine

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QT4-35B2 cement brick machine

QTJ4-35B2 non-burning cement brick machine is a small and medium-sized cement brick factory enterprises to produce concrete block brick machine equipment. The equipment is easy to operate and flexible, and its performance can be compared with large-scale equipment: it can be operated by the main

machine alone, or it can be equipped with 6 meters conveyor belt and J350 vertical mixer to form a simple production line. Equipment mainly uses: gravel, river sand, tailings sand, cement, stone powder as raw materials for production.

The machine design structure is reasonable, the technology is reliable, the process design concept adopts four-axis guide, upper die push and pull,

automatic scraping, reducer lifting die. The machine is equipped with a vibration motor to realize the joint compression and vibration of the upper and lower molds, so that the blocks produced are of good quality, high compactness and high strength, and can produce various specifications of concrete wall blocks by replacing brick molds.

Technical parameters:

(1), the number of forming blocks:

390×190×190mm   hollow block       4 pieces/mold

390×240×190mm   hollow block       3 pieces/mold

240×115×53mm     standard block    18 pieces/mold

(2) Molding cycle: 40 seconds/time

(3) production rate: hollow block 2000-2500 blocks/shift (8 hours/shift)

(4) vibration form: mold box and head resonance pressure

(5) Vibration frequency: 2800 times/min

(6) Excitation force: 32kN

(7) the whole machine power: 9.7kw

The lifting motor: 2.2kw 970r/min

Upper vibrator: 1.5kw (YZU20-2B)

Lower vibrator: 2×3kw (YZU20-2B)

(8) plate size: 850×450×40mm

(9) size: 2050×1660×1900mm

(10) the whole machine quality: 1300 kg

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