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QTJ4-26C cement brick machine

Productivity 001
Power 12.75kw
品牌 HongFa

QTJ4-26C cement brick machine


QTJ4-26C cement brick machine is our company combined with the vibration production process design and development of products, equipment can widely use gravel, river sand, tailings sand, fly ash, slag, volcanic ash, expanded perlite and other raw materials. The machine has reasonable design structure and high production efficiency. The upper die is equipped with a strong vibration motor, and the lower die is equipped with a mechanical vibration box to achieve a strong vibration effect with a small power. Vertical directional vibration can be realized by using four-axis guidance. The blocks produced have uniform density and high strength, and their performance and product quality can be compared with large-scale equipment.

The mold is easy to change, and various wall blocks and floor blocks are produced by changing the mold. Easy to operate and does not require strict technical training. The production process is simple, the block can be naturally maintained and save energy.

QTJ4-26C cement brick machine Technical parameters:

(1) the number of forming blocks:

390×190×190mm       hollow block         4 pieces/mold

390×240×190mm       hollow block         3 pieces/mold

240×115×53mm         standard block      21 pieces/mold

(2) molding cycle: 26 seconds/time

(3) Vibration form: bottom mode, upper mode resonance

(4) Vibration frequency: 4200 times/min

(5) Excitation force: 35.5kN

(6) plate size: 880×480×38mm

(7) the whole machine power: 12.75kw

Vibration motor :2×3kw 1470r/min

Lifting motor: 3kw 1380r/min

Upper vibrator: 3kw (YZU20-2B)

Brick transfer machine: 0.75kw 960r/min

(8) Appearance size: 2060×1730×2580mm

(9) the whole machine quality: 1750kg

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