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QT4-25 Cement brick machine

Productivity 001
Power 16.58kw
品牌 宏发


block free burning brick machine, cement brick machine


QTJ4-25 cement brick machine is a fully automatic cement block forming equipment developed by Guangxi Hongfa Heavy Industry Machinery Co., LTD. The machine adopts automatic PLC centralized console, high-power vibration box traction vibration platform vibration, pressure vibration of the upper die press head, to achieve automatic plate feeding, automatic cloth, automatic die brick, automatic brick, easy to operate, high production efficiency, the production of blocks uniform density, high strength, is currently the majority of customers are more optimistic about the brick machine style.

The machine can be used for multiple purposes. It can produce both load-bearing blocks and non-load-bearing blocks. The corresponding cement blocks can be produced by changing different brick moulds. QTJ4-25 type automatic cement brick machine body adopts steel welding combination structure to ensure long-term stability or reliability of the machinery.

Technical parameters:

(1) the number of forming blocks:

390×190×190mm       hollow block      4 pieces/mold

390×240×190mm       hollow block      3 pieces/mold

240×115×53mm         standard block   21 pieces/mold

(2) Molding cycle: 25 seconds/time

(3) Main vibration form: platform mode resonance

(4) Vibration frequency: 2800-4500 times/min

(5) Vibration acceleration: 15-20g

(6) Exciting force: 380kN

(7) rated pressure: 15 Mpa

(8) plate size: 850×480×40mm

(9) the whole machine power: 16.58kw

(10) machine appearance size: 3000×1800×2680mm

(11) Machine weight: 5800kg

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