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QT4-15D Cement brick machine

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QT4-15D block forming machine


Qt4-15d full-automatic hydraulic brick machine is a full-automatic program-controlled block forming equipment developed by our company. The design and manufacture of this machine fully considers the production, use and maintenance conditions of medium and small-sized concrete brick and block manufacturers in China,

It has the following characteristics:

1. The machine has many functions and strong adaptability. It can widely use fly ash, slag or other industrial waste slag, sand, stone, cement and other materials. Through changing the mold, it can produce various specifications of hollow blocks and various specifications of pavement bricks, grass planting bricks, curb stones, standard bricks, etc. The amount of fly ash can be as high as 70%.

2. The whole production process of the machine is controlled by PLC, driven by hydraulic system and monitored by contactless proximity switch. It integrates mechanical, electrical, optical, hydraulic and high-frequency vibration technology. It realizes automatic plate feeding, automatic cloth distribution, automatic vibration pressing, automatic demoulding and automatic brick production. It has continuous and reliable action, high production efficiency and low labor intensity of operators. Durable and easy to maintain.

3. The main electrical and hydraulic components of the equipment have less faults, reliable performance, durability and easy maintenance.

4. Block forming is mainly hydraulic, supplemented by machinery, and completed by vibration and pressure.

5. The organic combination of vibration and pressure makes the products more durable. The tensile strength of the block products can reach more than 15MPa, with high compactness, good frost resistance, impermeability, sound insulation, heat insulation and accurate dimensions.

6. Forced mold synchronous lifting structure ensures consistent product thickness, stable demoulding and high yield.

7. The one-time integral die out can realize centralized handling and palletizing, improve production efficiency, reduce power consumption and save human resources.

Technical parameters:

1. Machine size: 7100 × 1600 × 2610 mm

2. Rated pressure: 16MPa;

3. Main vibration type: platform vibration

4. Vibration frequency: 4600 times / min;

5. Supporting plate size: 1020 × 570mm

6. Molding cycle: 15-25 seconds / time;

7. Total power: 27.5kw

8. Main product specifications and output

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