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QT8-15B Cement brick machine

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QT8-15B cement brick machine

1.1 Use:

QT8-15B block forming machine developed and produced by our company is a

special equipment for the production of building blocks. The machine can use fly ash, slag or other industrial waste slag and river sand, gravel, cement and other materials, by replacing the mold to produce a variety of different specifications of hollow block, porous brick, curb, road brick and grass brick, tree brick, slope protection brick and other concrete products. Adding fabric structure can also produce layered products.

1.2 Structure

The main frame of QT8-15B block forming machine adopts gantry frame structure,

which is strong and vibration resistant and has good reliability. The design adopts the independent basis of the driving type storage mode, the raw materials are sent immediately. Network wave type swing fabric structure, fabric effect is good. The plug-in welding mold is made of manganese steel carburizing and quenching, and it is not easy to change and wear when using 100,000 molds. QT8-15B block forming machine

can be combined with PLD1200 batching machine, JS750 mixer, 8 meters belt conveyor, and palletizer to form a simple production line.

1.3 Features:

This machine is a mechanical, hydraulic, computer automatic control comprehensive technology equipment, with high efficiency, reasonable design, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance for the characteristics. The forming of the block is mainly based on mechanical vibration, supplemented by hydraulic pressure, and completed by vibration pressure. The compressive strength of the block products produced can reach 15MPa(mpa) or more, with high compactness, good frost resistance and impermeability, excellent sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation performance, and accurate dimensions.

1, machine size: 8400x1700x2950mm

2, rated pressure: 21 MPa

3. Main vibration form: platform vibration

4, vibration frequency: 2800-4500 times/min

5, plate size: 950x900mm

6, molding cycle: 12-25 seconds/time

7. Total power: 37KW

8, production of main product specifications and output

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