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QT10-15B Cement brick machine

Productivity 001
品牌 宏发

QT10-15B block forming machine

QT10-15B type block non-burning brick machine by the loader into the PLD1200

batching machine hopper, by the electronic meter for measurement, according to the formula stored in the computer for batching (can also be randomly adjusted), the material after measurement by the conveyor into the JS750 mixer lift hopper. The material is then sent to the mixer bin by the lifting bucket. Cement, fly ash, etc. are also sent to the cement and fly ash meter above the mixer by the screw conveyor for measurement and directly into the mixing tank, and then the water is also added to the mixing tank for mixing according to the design quantity of water-cement ratio. After mixing for about 3 minutes, the mixed material is sent to the storage hopper of QT10-15B type block forming machine by 8-meter belt conveyor

for storage. Then the material is sent to the top of the mold by the forming machine's distributing machine, and the material is forced into the mold box by centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the distributing shaft. After the material is finished, the skip car returns to the back position, the indenter drops and the vibrator starts to work to vibrate and pressurize the material. After the molding, the mold box is lifted to extrude the product, and then the plate feeding machine pushes the product to the brick feeding machine. After the brick feeder is cleaned by the brick surface cleaner, it is sent to the plate stacking machine, and then transferred to the maintenance room by forklift.

Detailed parameters:

1. Machine dimensions: 9350*2320*29500mm

2. Rated pressure: 21MPa

3. Main vibration form: platform vibration

4. Vibration frequency: 2800-4500 times/min

5. Pallet size: 1100*900mm

6. Molding cycle: 15-25 seconds/time

7. Total power: 44.58KW

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