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QT12-15F Cement brick machine(Block Making Machine)

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QT12-15F cement brick machine (Block forming machine)

1 Use and characteristics

1.1 Use:

Our company developed and produced QT12-15F cement brick machine,

is the production of building block equipment. The machine can use fly ash, slag or other industrial waste slag and river sand, gravel, cement and other materials, by replacing the mold to produce a variety of different specifications of hollow block, porous brick, curb, road brick and grass brick, tree brick, slope protection brick and other concrete products. Adding fabric structure can also produce layered products.

1.2 Structure

QT12-15F cement brick machine main frame adopts gantry frame structure,

strong vibration resistance, good reliability. Network wave type swing fabric structure, fabric effect is good. The plug-in welding mold is made of manganese steel carburizing

and quenching, and it is not easy to change and wear when using 100,000 molds. It can form a simple production line with PLD1200 batching machine, JS750 mixer, 8-meter belt conveyor, automatic loading machine and palletizer.

1.3 Features:

This machine is a mechanical, hydraulic, computer automatic control comprehensive technology equipment, with high efficiency, reasonable design, compact structure, simple operation, easy maintenance for the characteristics. The forming of the block is mainly hydraulic, supplemented by machinery, and completed by vibration and pressure. The compressive strength of the block products produced can reach 15MPa(mpa) or more, with high compactness, good frost resistance and impermeability, good sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation performance, and accurate dimensions.

(1) The design and manufacture of this machine meet the relevant national standards

The machine meets the requirements of JC/T920-2003 "Block Forming Machine

for Building Materials Industry" professional recommendation standard.

(2) Product positioning

Sponge city permeable brick, load-bearing block, split block,

fly ash block, coal gangue block, light aggregate block, thermal insulation block, decorative cladding block, high-strength secondary fabric floor tile,

heavy load floor tile, roadside stone, horticultural brick, hydraulic block, functional building materials, etc.

(3) Good consistency of output products

Optimized power design, oil vibration, eliminate energy consumption. Computer controlled vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, low frequency feeding, high frequency forming, mold table vibration to make concrete fully liquefied and dense in two to three seconds. Special storage and distribution system, computer controlled storage. Unique arch breaking device, fast and uniform cloth. The product strength error is small, the stability is high, the rejection rate is low.

(4) Intelligent electronic control

The automatic process adopts PLC(programmable logic controller) intelligent control, equipped with product process data input, storage, touch screen, and ideal and flexible human-machine dialogue interface. The advanced random detection

control system realizes remote control and fault diagnosis.

(5) Reliable hydraulic system

The optimal technology is perfect, the production of excellent hydraulic parts supporting reasonable hydraulic system design, the use of independent integrated hydraulic station, avoid the main engine vibration, dust and other effects on the hydraulic system, so as to ensure the reliability of the hydraulic system.

(6) Good adaptability of raw materials

The combination of vibration technology and cloth technology makes it play well in the comprehensive utilization of resources. Fly ash, coal gangue, slag, steel slag, volcanic slag, pumice stone and ordinary sand stone are the precious food of QT12-15F

cement brick machine.

(7) Equipment adaptability

Pure vertical mold resonance, automatic frequency and amplitude modulation, truly realize the "one machine multi-function", by simple replacement of the mold,

you can quickly adjust the production of products, to a large extent to meet the market demand, so that the equipment performance.

Detailed parameter

1. Main technical parameters

(1) Machine size: 8200×2600×3020 mm

(2), rated pressure: 21 Mpa

(3) Main vibration form: platform vibration

(4) Vibration frequency: 2800-4500 times/min

(5) Vibration acceleration: 15-20g

(6) Excitation force: 100kN

(7), plate size: 1420x900x25 mm

(8) Product height: 50-200mm

(9), molding cycle: 15-20 s

(10), the whole machine power: 53 kw

(11), the whole machine quality: 14500kg

(12) Main product specifications and output

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