Introduction of one-stop service process of brick machine

2017-09-09 16:33

Guangxi Hongfa heavy Machinery Co., LTD. After-sales service commitment: We will provide one year warranty, lifelong service to all our equipment !   After signing the contract, our engineer will design the product installation foundation drawings for customers for free and customers can prepare the foundation according to the drawings; After the delivering equipment, we will appoint professional technican to the customer site to guide the installation and debug the equipment, provide the corresponding operation technology, the proportion of raw materials in production, simple equipment maintenance knowledge, simple troubleshooting methods, mold replacement methods, etc.  


(1) Selection of equipment product model.  

(2) Design and manufacture products as per the customersspecial requirements.  

(3) Provide free training to technical personnel for customers.  

(4) We will send engineers and technicians to the customer site to plan and design the installation proposal for free.


(1) Product acceptance.  

(2) Make installation drawing according to customers land condition, assist customers in drawing up construction plan.  


(1) Send professional technician to the site to guide installation and commissioning for free.  

(2) Equipment installation and commisioning.  

(3) On-site training for operators until they can operate the equipment independently.

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