Hongfa aerated aac block cutting machine and turnover crane were successfully shipped to Sichuan, Ch

2020-03-28 10:35

During the production process of aerated concrete AAC block production line , the quality of the aac block cutting machine and the cutting accuracy directly affect the quality of the finished aac block. Our aac block cutting machine has high efficiency and high degree of automation.

The turnover crane turns the mould over 90 degrees for demolding, and place precisely on the cutting line.

The horizontal cutting device is fixed, the green blocks are placed on the side to make the width 600mm, the cutting wire is short, not easy to break, the cutting precision is high, and the cutting trolley has a short walking distance.

The vertical cutting machine adopts the steel wire as a saw-like swing to cut vertically, which enhances the toughness of the steel wire, reduces the working strength of the steel wire, and is not easy to be broken. The quality of the product is not affected by mould oil and mould deformation.

The cutting process of this machine is divided into different stations. When the vertical cutting is stepped cutting, the distance between the upper and lower cutting steel wires is large, which is convenient for the settlement of the gaps formed by the steel wires.

From mid-to-late March to the end of March 2020, our company had successfully sent aac block cutting machines, turnover crane and other supporting equipment to Sichuan province, China.


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