Hongfa—QTJ4-35B2 cement brick machine exported to Mozambique

2020-03-27 09:03

On March 26, 2020, Hongfa—QTJ4-35B2 concrete block machine was successfully exported to the Republic of Mozambique.

    QTJ4-35B2 non-burning concrete block machine is a brick machine equipment for small and medium-sized cement brick factories to produce concrete blocks. The equipment is convenient and flexible to operate, and its performance can be compared with large-scale equipment: it can be operated by the host machine alone, or it can be equipped with a 6-meter conveyor belt and a J350 vertical mixer to form a simple production line. Equipment used: crushed stone, river sand, tailing sand, cement, stone powder as raw materials for production.

The machine has a reasonable design structure and reliable technology. The process design concept adopts four vertical axis guidance, upper mould push and pull, automatic scraping material, and reducer lifting mould. The upper and lower moulds of the machine are equipped with vibrating motors to realize the joint pressurization and vibration of the upper and lower moulds, so that the produced blocks have good quality, high density and high strength. Various specifications of concrete blocks can be produced by replacing moulds.

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