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2019-09-21 16:05

On the morning of September 21, 2019, the 16th China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN

Business and Investment Summit opened in Nanning, Guangxi.
Guangxi-ASEAN Expo, referred to as the China-ASEAN Expo, was initiated by Wen Jiabao, former

Premier of the State Council of China, co-sponsored by the relevant ministries and

commissions of China and the 10 ASEAN countries and the ASEAN Secretariat, and undertaken by the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The Expo is a comprehensive expo integrating commodity trade, investment cooperation, service trade, high-level forums, and cultural exchanges.

Our company participated in this exhibition with the concept of communicating with enterprises from all over the world with a friendly and sincere heart. At the same time, in recent years, it has also actively responded to the country's foreign policy of "being good with neighbors and partnering with neighbors", and Hongfa machinery reached friendly and win-win relationships with customers from neighboring countries, completed export orders and shipped many times, and received wide acclaim from international customers. !

In this exhibition, the company exhibited the newly developed QT12-15F concrete block forming machine, which is a special equipment for the production of building blocks. The main frame of the machine adopts a gantry frame structure, which is sturdy and resistant for vibration, and has good reliability; it also has a mesh wave-like swinging feeding structure with excellent feeding effect; the plug-in welding mould is made of manganese steel by carburizing and quenching, can be used long time and not easy to deform and wear. The machine can use fly ash, slag or other industrial waste residues, river sand, gravel, cement and other materials to produce various hollow blocks, porous bricks, curbs, pavement bricks, grass-planting bricks, ring Concrete products such as tree bricks and slope protection bricks. Adding color feeding system can also produce layered products.




Product features of QT12-15F block forming machine :

    1. Good consistency of output products.   Optimize power design, oil shock and eliminate energy consumption. The vertical synchronous vibration is controlled by computer to realize frequency conversion, low-frequency feeding, high-frequency forming and framework vibration, so that the concrete can be fully liquefied and compacted within two to three seconds. Special storage and distribution system, computer-controlled storage. Unique arch breaking device, fast and uniform distribution. The product has small strength error, high stability and low scrap rate.

    2. Intelligent electronic control. The automatic process adopts PLC (programmable controller) intelligent control, is equipped with product process data input, storage and touch screen, and has an ideal and flexible man-machine dialogue interface. The advanced random detection and control system realizes remote control and fault diagnosis.


3. Reliable hydraulic system . The hydraulic parts with perfect technology and excellent production shall be selected, and the supporting reasonable hydraulic system design shall be adopted. The independent integrated hydraulic station can avoid the impact of host vibration and dust on the hydraulic system, so as to ensure the reliability of the hydraulic system.

    4. Good adaptability of raw materials. The combination of vibration technology and distribution technology makes it play a good role in the comprehensive utilization of raw material. Fly ash, coal gangue, slag, steel slag, volcanic slag, pumice and ordinary sand are all valuable food for QT12-15F cement brick machine.

    5. The equipment has strong adaptability. Pure vertical platform mode resonance and full-automatic frequency and amplitude modulation truly realize "one machine with multiple functions". By simply changing the mould, the product production can be quickly adjusted to meet the market demand to a great extent and make the equipment play a greater role.

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