Indian customers buy Hongfa vertical wallboard production line equipment again

2019-08-12 10:21


With the rapid development of economy, customers at home and abroad have higher and higher demand for construction, and so do Indian customers. The Indian customer imported our manually vertical wall panel production line equipment on August 12, 2019.

     Hongfa light partition wall panel machine adopts vertical molding technology to realize wallboard molding. The equipment meets the requirements of hardness and strength through panel positioning, core slurry pouring, and natural curing. It has the characteristics of high output, simple operation, convenient and fast maintenance during production. The equipment of Vertical lightweight wall panel production line is composed of six parts: mixing system, vertical wall panel forming machine, mobile turnover demoulding platform, ferry card and PLC control system.

    Meeting customer needs is Hongfa's service tenet. Hongfa will make persistent efforts, focus on green wall materials and customer needs!

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