Hongfa HF-300T terrazzo tile production line exported to Yemen

2019-07-24 11:20


Hongfa terrazzo tile machines are sold at domestic and abroad, and have received a good response. After visiting our factory, customer from Yemen had finally signed a purchase contract with our company in May 2019 after understanding and inspecting the Hongfa terrazzo tile machine for many times.

The terrazzo tile machine is a new type of equipment developed and produced by our company for the production of terrazzo and other cement products. By changing the mould, it can produce various specifications of terrazzo and other cement products; the machine adopts a gantry frame structure, hydraulic molding, and stable operation , Fast molding speed, good product consistency and other advantages.

On July 24, 2019, one Hongfa HF-300T terrazzo tile machine, polishing machine, one vertical mixer and related supporting equipment and accessories were sent to Yemen in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. Hongfa terrazzo tile machine makes customers feel affordable in terms of price, and also makes customers feel at ease in terms of quality and after-sales service! Choose Hongfa, choose peace of mind!


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