Hongfa QT6-12 cement brick production line shipped to Yulin, Guangxi

2019-07-07 09:31

The main frame of the QT6-12 cement brick machine adopts a gantry frame structure, which is strong and resistant to vibration and has good reliability. Arch breaking rotary feeding material and fork - pulling pallet feeder can shorten the pallet feeding time and feed the pallets when   lifting mould. This is one of the high tech block machine, it is the fastest forming block machine, by using the same workers and money, you can have about 30% more capacity compare to similar machines from others. It can be combined with PLD800 batching machine, JS500 mixer, 8-meter belt conveyor, and palletizer to form a simple production line.

The QT6-12 cement brick machine developed and produced by our company is a special equipment for the production of building blocks. The machine can use fly ash, slag or other industrial waste residues, river sand, gravel, cement and other materials to produce various hollow blocks, porous bricks, curbs, pavement bricks, grass-planting bricks, ring Concrete products such as tree bricks and slope protection bricks. Adding cloth fabric mechanism can also produce layered products.

In July 2019, the cement non-burning brick production line equipment consisting of QT6-12 block forming machine was shipped to Yulin, Guangxi

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