Hongfa vertical molding wallboard machine in India

2019-03-25 16:40

The lightweight composite wall panel production line is composed of a programmable controllable electromechanical hydraulic integration special hydraulic forming machine, and is equipped with various specifications of moulds to produce different size of panels. Based on the comprehensive requirements of light weight, thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire prevention, the current lightweight and stable non-asbestos fiber cement board is used as the outside board, and the polystyrene particle is used as the core material for energy saving and environmental protection.   Wall panel is a new type of building material with development prospects. Through systematic in-depth research, further optimize the composite structure and splicing structure of the wall panel , the ratio of the panel and the core material and the preparation process parameters, and improve the mechanical, thermal, sound insulation, fire prevention and durability performance of the composite wall panel.

The Manually wall panel vertical forming machine produced by our company is a special equipment for the production of lightweight composite partition wall panels. Ferry cars, molds, etc. can form a lightweight composite partition wall production line.

In March 2019, our company's manually wall panel production line was shipped to India ushered in new progress. The construction of the customer's factory was completed earlier, our engineer were notified to fly to India to install and debug the equipment in the first half of this month. At present, the message sent back from the front line of the installation shows that the installation of the main body of the equipment has been completed, and all aspects of water and electricity have been put in place, and the commissioning and production will start after the details are in place.

Meeting customer needs is our company's service tenet. We believe that Indian customers will have a smooth production and operation and a successful career. Our company will continue to work hard and focus on green wall materials.

The following is a diagram of the equipment installation site.

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